USA Football

USA Football Palm Logo Receiver Gloves


USA Football Palm Logo Receiver Gloves:

USA Football Palm Logo Receiver Gloves are the ultimate combination of performance, durability, and flexibility  ideal for receivers, running backs, and returners. The gloves have a snug and comfortable fit. A strong but self-restoring grip performs in all weather conditions. These gloves are machine washable or can be wiped down with a damp towel to restore grip.


  • Strong, comfortable fit
  • Self-restoring grip
  • Logo on back along with the American Flag on the velcro strap
  • USA Football Ball Logo on palms

All gloves are NOCSAE and SFIA approved with visible tags.

About USA Football: USA Football believes in the passion, intensity, joy, confidence and sense of community football brings to those who play, coach and love it. We evolve and grow the sport through innovative standards and best practices to advance coach and player development, participation and safety within the fun of the game and its inherent values. As the sport’s national governing body and member of the U.S. Olympic Committee, USA Football partners with leaders in medicine, child advocacy and athletics to support positive football experiences for youth, high school and other amateur players.

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