• [PODCAST] GoArmy Edge football app designer Tony Donatelli talks about how the app can help coaches

    The growth of technology and football is equally as impressive as the push to combine the two. Today’s #CoachandCoordinator podcast features Tony Donatelli, systems engineer at Army Game Studio and the lead designer of the GoArmy Edge football app.

    Designer of GoArmy Edge app Tony Donatelli discusses features and uses of the app on today's Coach and Coordinator podcast. It features a virtual reality system wher

  • Youth sports athletes should avoid sleepovers the night before a game

    Overnight sleepovers have forever been a popular way for kids to extend time together on the weekends. However, if at all possible, parents should avoid having their child sleep over at a friend’s house the night before a game. #USAFootball

    Your youth sports athlete will probably ask to take part in a sleepover with a friend at some point. Doing so the night before a game is a bad idea. Here's why.

  • Parents should thank their lucky stars for volunteer coaches

    When you sign your child up for football this fall, have an open mind going in about the coach because he or she deserves that right up front. Not everyone gives up time and effort to do this and those people should command some respect for what they do. #USAFootball

    There is no question in my mind that the most underrated job in our country and the profession that many parents take for granted is the responsibility that comes with being a teacher.  Each day, we send our kids off to school with the hope and expectation that they come home smarter, wiser, and ...

  • See why TCU's baseball coach values high school football players

    “I would much rather have a baseball player that is involved in other sports in high school, particularly football, because it prepares them for college baseball.” - TCU Baseball Coach Jim Schlossnagle #USAFootball

    TCU baseball coach Jim Schlossnagle emphasizes the value in multisport high school athletes, especially those who play football. He says football can be useful in prepara

  • Timeline Photos

    Need some 🍭🍦🍫 for your Monday? We got some from the late and great Walter Payton. ✊ #MondayMotivation | #USAFootball

  • Prep for the Season: Football jersey ideas from USA Football partners Siege and Badger

    Whether it's at the youth level, high school, college or even the NFL, football players take pride in their teams and in the uniforms they wear on the gridiron. #USAFootball partners Siege Sports and Badger Sport outfit football teams across the country each season. Here's a look at the football jerseys they offer!

    Siege Sports and Badger Sport produce football uniforms with style and functionality, for teams who want to play and look their best on game day.

  • 5 common conflicts with your spouse that youth sports can cause, and 7 tips to remember

    ✔︎ Realize you can’t do it all ✔︎ Sync calendars ✔︎ Communicate 7️⃣ tips to remember to help combat 5️⃣ common conflicts with your spouse that youth sports can cause.

    Youth sports, like any other activity that involves your children, has the potential to put a strain on your marriage. Here are a few common conflicts to anticipate, and

  • Prep for the Season: Football equipment checklist for parents and coaches

    Whether you're a football coach or parent, don't wait until the last minute to get what you need for football season. If you purchase now, you'll already be set for the start of practice, while others scramble at the end. Here's what to look for, with links where to get it!

    If you're a football coach or parent, there are some on-field necessities to pick up prior to the season. Here's what to look for so you're ready to go.

  • Officials deserve respect from sports parents

    At the end of the day, a parent can be angry about a call all he or she wants, but you can’t be verbally or physically abusive at an official. Parents need to have respect for the men and women that are doing the best they can and serve a thankless job that sports cannot exist without. #USAFootball

    Last week, I was doing play by play for a high school basketball telecast on Long Island in New York when I saw something that is a growing problem at every level of every sport.

  • 3 ways your child will benefit from playing youth football

    To kids, the game is about fun, friendships, and camaraderie. It’s about achieving success or learning from failure then lining right back up to try again. They may not realize it, but these young athletes are enjoying the benefits of physical exercise while learning life lessons through the football.

    Whether it's physical growth, expanding one's social circle, learning from new role models or building self-confidence, there's plenty to like about youth

  • An open letter from a football mom

    Dear Mama on the Fence, I understand your concern. I understand your fear. You may only hear a fraction of the story. I wanted to share another fraction. It’s the fraction that seems to get lost these days.

    Vanessa Mejia, a mother of three football-playing sons, shares her experiences as a football mom and why she believes it's beneficial to let your children play footb

  • Players must treat teammates with respect, even when they don't get along

    In any family, either your own family or a football team, there are bound to be disagreements. If there’s a problem, talk it out. #USAFootball

    A football locker room features a wide range of personalities. Even if athletes don't mesh, you do what it takes so it doesn't negatively affect the team.

  • The path to more playing time on the football field starts now, in the offseason

    Earning a starting job or lead role doesn’t happen overnight. That path starts now, and players who dedicate themselves to the process can reap the rewards when the Friday night lights turn on. #USAFootball

    U.S. National Team coach Ben Hammer says there's more to offseason improvement than just lifting weights. Here's how to become an impact player.

  • More than getting faster: the benefits football players enjoy from running track

    ✔︎ Form ✔︎ Flexibility ✔︎ Competition ✔︎ Speed The combination of these benefits makes track a smart decision for football players. #USAFootball

    You hear it all the time about fast football players: “He was a track guy in high school with great straight-line speed.”

  • 15 life lessons from football that shouldn't be overlooked

    I played football from the time I was 12 until I was 22 and the lessons I learned from football have been priceless. Here are 15 of those lessons football taught me that I continue to use every day. #USAFootball

    Being a valuable football team member goes far beyond game day. You make a name for yourself in workouts and practices, both as a leader and follower.

  • Don't let your athlete skip the struggle

    Are your kids in a struggle right now in sports? If you’re tempted to jump into your child’s struggle and try to fix it, let these things hold you back.

    Inevitably, your kids are going to struggle at some point while participating in youth sports. Make sure you provide support, but don't make things too easy for them

  • Why a good high school football coach is worth every penny

    High school football coaches are counselors, chauffeurs, meal providers, confidants, fundraisers, advocates. The list goes on. More important than the roles they play are the life lessons they teach, to build high-character young people. A good high school football coach is worth every penny.

    The best high school football coaches can impact generations of student-athletes long after their playing days are done.

  • Why a football camp is a better option than travel football

    Have you found a football camp to be a better option than a travel football team for your child? When looking for the right youth football team, camp or program, it’s a good idea for parents to do their due diligence. #USAFootball

    As you plan your youth football player's summer schedule, be aware of the differences between camps and travel football leagues. Here's what youth football pare

  • 6 steps all recruits must take to play college sports

    The recruiting process can be very confusing. But here are the 6️⃣ fundamental stages that all athletes must go through in order to be successfully recruited. #USAFootball

    When a high school football player goes through the recruiting process to play collegiately, all of them will go through six specific steps. Here's a close-up look a

  • 3 suggestions to defeat sports parenting anxiety

    Worry is powerful. It makes you do things you don’t really want to do. And it’s absolutely a waste of time and energy. Fight the anxiety with these 3️⃣ suggestions! #USAFootball

    Is your child's youth sports experience causing an unhealthy anxiety level? Try these three suggestions to help you relax and enjoy the games a little more.

  • How to deal with a losing season as a youth sports parent

    While losing is not the ideal season, it should not be seen as a wasted season, either. Every practice and game is a lesson learned, regardless of the score. #USAFootball

    It's very likely inevitable that your child (and you) will have to endure a losing season at some point in the youth sports experience. Here are a few suggestions on

  • How your child wants to be treated after the game is over

    Do you know how your child wants to be treated after playing sports? Do they know and believe they are loved whether they win or lose? Do they know that a bad performance in a game will not result in your displeasure and disappointment?

    After a youth sports contest, your child's emotions are likely very raw. As a parent, it's easy and tempting to want to talk about what happened during the game

  • How to be the parent and let youth sports coaches do their jobs

    Although parents and youth sports coaches have different jobs, they are still partners. Here’s a simple breakdown of what coaches and parents should be doing to make sure the athletes are the real winners.

    It's easy for youth sports parents to blur the lines between their responsibilities and the coaches' responsibilities. Here's a clear outline for what shou

  • Here’s one way to rein in extra spending in youth sports

    Having a child involved in youth sports means there are going to be some obvious and other unanticipated costs. Families have to determine which expenses are necessary, and which expenses are optional. #USAFootball

    Youth sports has plenty of hidden costs that add up quickly. Youth sports parents should consider this idea for reducing the hit to your wallet those costs can incur.

  • [PODCAST] Middle Tennessee offensive coordinator Tony Franklin talks about his system

    To cap off the week for our #CoachandCoordinator Podcast, Coach Grabowski caught up with offensive guru Tony Franklin! This is one you do not want to miss! #USAFootball

    Middle Tennessee offensive coordinator Tony Franklin is the guest on today's Coach and Coordinator Podcast. He discusses the Tony Franklin System, teaching the detai