• Parents should Keep the Competitiveness to the Kids

    "It’s important for parents to let the competition stay on the field and out of the stands." Peter Schwartz shares why parents should be supportive and not competitive when it comes to youth sports. #USAFootball

    It's easy to get caught up in the action when watching your child play, but as a parent, that doesn't mean you should be as competitive from the stands. Read ho

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  • Use Your Hips!

    Coil-Uncoil-Fit-Finish Keith Grabowski breaks down the primary focus of "uncoiling" which is engaging the hips. #USAFootball

    “Use your hips!” is a phrase that can be heard on practice fields at every level of football from youth to the NFL. While many coaches emphasize this, few players become

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  • [Podcast] Deep Dive on Defense w/ Chris Vasseur - Schematic Transition 3 LBs to 3 High Safeties w/ Adam Gaylor

    Coach Adam Gaylor joined guest host Chris Vasseur on the “Deep Dive on Defense” podcast to discuss the schematic evolution of three linebackers to three-deep safeties. 🎧 FULL EPISODE ⬇️ #USAFootball

    On today’s episode of the Coach and Coordinator podcast, the series “Deep Dive on Defense” continues with guest host and Clovis (Calif.) High School defensive coordinator

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  • Young Athletes Must Learn About Hard Work

    "Kids that work to become better and learn how to work well with others will be more successful at bettering themselves." Janis Meredith of Parents Raising Champions shares the importance of youth athletes developing a strong work ethic at a young age. #USAFootball

    Janis Meredith illustrates the importance of hard work as it applies to young athletes, and how a strong work ethic carries over in life.

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  • Learn how to defend the 20 personnel run game

    Adam Gaylor breaks down he designs his defense around his personnel to defend against the 20 personnel run game. #USAFootball

    Today we are going to talk about 20-personnel run fits. We are going to talk about our 3-4 odd fronts and how we fit it against the run. Then, we are going to talk about

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