• Coaching Defensive Lineman (2nd. Ed.) by John Levra & James A. Peterson
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Coaching Defensive Lineman (2nd. Ed.) by John Levra & James A. Peterson

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Coaching Defensive Linemen is a user-friendly resource for coaches on both sides of the ball who want to better understand the key factors involved in effective defensive line play. The book offers insightful, game-tested information and advice concerning how to develop top-flight defensive linemen. Not only does the book cover how to preselect those individuals who might be most predisposed to play the defensive line at an effective level, it also reviews (in detail) those techniques that a defensive lineman must perform as expected against either the run or the pass.

One of the more unique features of the book is the comprehensive chapter on technique play against the most common blocking schemes. The book also includes a chapter on drills that can be used to develop and refine the skills and techniques required of a defensive lineman. Finally, the book presents a detailed method for evaluating the level of play by a defensive lineman during an actual game. 

Chapters include:
  • Becoming a Defensive Lineman
  • Stance, Alignment, and Assignment
  • Defensive Line Play Versus the Run
  • Defensive Line Play Versus the Pass
  • Technique Play Against Common Blocking Schemes
  • Stunts to Stop the Run and Pass
  • Defensive Line Drills
  • Assessing Player Performance

Authors:  John Levra & James A. Peterson

Pages:  144

Published:  2008

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