• Developing a Defensive Game Plan by Kenny Ratledge
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Developing a Defensive Game Plan by Kenny Ratledge

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This book contains ideas and procedures that have developed over a long period of time. A plethora of research has gone into the production of this book. Many of the ideas in the book are original, while others have been gleaned from in-depth film study, clinics, and perusing playbooks. An attempt has been made to cover as many contingency-based situations as we can. Down-and-distance, field zone, and hash variables are covered in detail. Time-related segments such as two- and four-minute defense, time-out procedures, fourth-quarter defense, quarter change, and clock strategies are examined. Reactive events, which are the most intense and pressure-packed aspects of the game—such as first down after an explosive play or sudden change scenario—are addressed. This book is applicable to any defensive framework. 4-3, split-4, 50, even, odd, pressure, or conservative defenses can apply the information included in this book. No matter the philosophy or style of defense used, this book can be an aide in game planning.

Author:  Kenny Radledge

Pages:  344

Published:  2007

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