• Pre-Sale International Bowl Official Game Jersey
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Pre-Sale International Bowl Official Game Jersey

$ 90.00


Purchase your own U.S. National Football Team jersey as the ultimate International Bowl keepsake!  There is no better way to celebrate your experience than to preserve the moment with your own authentic, game-worn jersey at the conclusion of the event.  Each jersey has been custom made by Siege Sports and will feature a unique design for each U.S. National Football Team.

***Photo is a sample only for illustration purposes.  Each custom designed jersey will be assigned based upon the team with which you participate.


  • Your own game-worn jersey 
  • Custom U.S. National Team design created by Siege Sports
  • One of the most influential products in the entire collectibles industry

*Photos are samples only.  By purchasing this jersey, you will be able to keep your actual jersey at the end of the event.

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